Domestic Sales

We originate from China, so we have a fullunderstanding of the uniqueness of Chinese users and e-commence, including Chinese users' consumption habits, regional development, and the uniqueinformation acquisition of Chinese users. Thus the exploration of the Chinesemarket goes smooth based on in-depth understanding.

Provide services

  • Brands introduction
  • E-commence retailing
  • Physical store retailing
  • Agents system
  • Supply optimization
  • Financial service

In Global Sales

Since 2008, we have been committed toproviding high-quality Chinese-made products for users all over the world.Based on our deep understanding of users' interests, consumption habits andinformation acquisition in regions with cultural distinctions (North America,Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia), over 10million overseas users have felt the charm of Chinese products in the past 14years.

Provide services

  • Brand localization
  • Product promotion
  • E-commence retailing
  • Physical store retailing
  • Overseas wholesale
  • Logistics service
  • Financial services

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