On October 17, 2021, the 16th Shenzhen Audio & Headphone Exhibition - and the Shenzhen enthusiast gathering ended perfectly at the Royal Court Hotel in Shenzhen Zhongzhou! This exhibition, together with 100+ exhibitors, welcomed 7,000+ visitors from all over the world, and simultaneously reported 50+ industry media. Created a grand event for audio-visual enthusiasts in the Greater Bay Area.

This exhibition has also received warm support from all walks of life, including: Shenzhen Business Association, Shenzhen Audio Industry Association, Shenzhen Exhibition Industry Association, Shenzhen Chaoshan Chamber of Commerce, Shenzhen Puning Chamber of Commerce, Shenzhen Huaqiang North Chamber of Commerce, Shenzhen International Chamber of Commerce Financial Research Society.

Audio and portable equipment will be exhibited in joint zones to bring more comprehensive audio-visual enjoyment to the audience. It is a comprehensive exhibition integrating brand display, industry exchange and user experience. Through industry media, self-media, news information platform, and technology information platform, we will spread together, expand the influence of the exhibition, and create an "open" industry exhibition. 108 booths covered all types of audio-visual products, creating a grand event in the Greater Bay Area and showing the vitality of the audio-visual market.

The exhibition aims to promote brand awareness, acquire new customers, boost industry development and form better face-to-face communication with market users. This year's exhibition and Shenzhen Lions Club carried out charity activities, donating a total of 600+ books for the construction of primary and secondary schools in poverty-stricken areas.