Serve 10 million musiclovers

In the foreseeable future, we will set up agoods service capable of serving 10 million users in 2030, which will bring abetter listening experience and better goods service. At the same time, itprovides partners with a more efficient cooperation mode in supply, media andsales.

We plan, develop and market visionary concept properties. Created for tomorrow's living and working practices. With exceptional architecture that is designed for the future. Creating places with a particularly high quality of living. For people who are looking for something special.


High-end audio market NO.1

It is an innate mission to provide the bestquality goods for music lovers all over the world, no matter in China, or inany market in the world. This mission has been precipitated and followed for adecade of years. In 2020, we have served more than one million music lovers,helping them better their listening experience.


Integrate into the era of global E-commerce

In 2012, we made the most importantdecision, being the first online retailer to start our online service ofhigh-end audio equipment, which helped many of our partners to improve theirinfluence in the target market faster, and at the same time, LEIYINAUDIO usheredin a leap-forward development as well.


A growing member of globalizatio
Stepping into the overseas market

In 2008, we stepped into the overseasmarket and provided the HiFi services to music lovers all over the world withthe excellent Chinese brands


LEIYINAUDIO was officially founded.
Based in China

In 2006, LEIYINAUDIO started its businessin Shenzhen, China. In the early years, it took the physical experience storeunder the HIFI product line as its business core and was based on the highlycompetitive Chinese market.