We are experienced and at the same time we have youthful enthusiasm.

To further enrich the cultural life of members, enhance team cohesion, and strengthen the construction of company culture. LEIYINAUDIO organized an outreach activity in April22-23.

With full positive enthusiasm, everyone took part in the cohesive activities. Through the various competition of games, the team cohesion was fully demonstrated.

After the intense competition during the day, there was also prepared a relaxing and joyful beach barbecue for the team members. The fatigue of the day had been unloaded thanks to the pleasant beaches, delicious barbecues, and cheerful things.

There was also prepared a surprise birthday party, and the best wishes to those birthday guys.

LEIYINAUDIO has been committed to building a warm, inclusive and dedicated team, striving to create a relaxed and harmonious working atmosphere.

This activity provides members with the opportunity to deepen mutual understanding and communication, greatly enhances team cohesion and centripetal force, and injects a strong impetus into the future development.